Prague 4 - information


The Prague 4 city district is located on the right bank of the Vltava river just south of the city center. It covers a cadastral area of Branik, Hodkovičky, Krč, Lhotka and Podolí, a greater part of Nusle and Michle, a half of Zabehlice and a minor part of Vinohrady. The modern history of Prague 4 is relatively short, however, its cadastral area consists of former independent municipalities, even one independent city, with undoubtably wider history. In modern times, these municipalities joined Prague and transformed in a city district. These municipalities have largely preserved its distinctive character, and only in recent and current turbulent construction development transformation of the city district they have united in one complex. A considerable part of Prague 4 changed its original face, especially thanks to intensive housing estates and modern office buildings development. Alongside the achievements of modern development, there are numbers of sites on the territory of Prague 4 linked to the rich history of Prague 4.

In addition, there are plenty of areas for relaxation, both of natural origin, or resulting from human intervention. On the territory of Prague 4, there are many natural sites (forests, meadows, ponds, streams, parks). Natural border of the district is formed by the river Vltava, which itself provides many opportunities for sports activities and relaxation. Prague 4 is proud of many architectural monuments, natural gems or unique building complexes or institutions (e.g. IKEM hospital, Institute for care of mother and child, but also Krč chateau, the former Sims sanatorium, Thomayer Hospital, Braník icehouse, gasworks in Michle, Pankrác prison, Podolí waterworks), schools, famous theaters and sports clubs. In 1974 Prague finished building its subway and the first underground line led into the city center just out of Prague 4. The total area of Prague 4 spreads on the area over 24 km2 having a population of about 140,000 inhabitants. It is the largest district of the Capital City of Prague, and is constantly and dynamically developing.


City District Board, City District Council, Mayor, City Hall, special district committees


The City Hall of Prague 4 consists of about 350 employees assigned to 16 sections (financial, economic, cultural, sports and subsidies, mayor’s office, secretary’s office, controlling, municipal property, HR , legal, social, administrative agenda, construction, development and repairs, education, prevention and family policy, trade, environment and transport carrying out activities resulting from the Organizational Code.